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How many times have we are going to a Barielle hairdresser because a friend recommended the hairdresser and that person does what he wants with our hair, let us terrible and there is no choice but to wait for the hair to grow without love ourselves look or we look because we were very wrong? … we have to go running too many times to find another hairdresser to fix what deranged us and this is a difficult task, because how do you know if the person we’re putting our hair is ideal for such work and responsibility, how to choose a good hairdresser.

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There are many things to keep in mind before choosing the person to take charge of your Barielle beautiful new look and one of the most important key is trust, as a stylist is partly responsible for your image from the moment you enter to the hairdresser so far in which salts and a good hairdresser is the person who feels at ease to meets your needs and fulfills your desires, advising you that look suits you and what does not suit a lot.

These simple tips will help you with this task and can choose the best salon

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10 Tips for choosing a good hairdresser

1. Women tend to be always aware of new trends in hair and fashion refers generally well when we go down the street usually also be aware of other women and see their haircuts. For example, if you see a woman with a cut that you love, you can approach and ask that place did, maybe you also work like the same place.

2. Believe it or not, it is preferable that the hairdresser or Barielle beauty makeup you choose to attend by appointment. This speaks much of their work organization and also denotes that you will only pending when you enter the place, not have other interruptions and be attentive to your needs.

3. Think about what you expect hairdresser and your new look. Before going with him, think about what you want for example someone who can do something wonderful and new with your hair or someone you cut it as usual, but without removing long and beautiful leaving. To evaluate a hairdresser, you can use a wide range of views: You’ll like how short, is popular, explains well what you plan to do with your hair, etc., communication is important between the two.

4. A hairdresser must listen, explain what you are looking for style, and if you take a photo of the cut or color you want, even better. Ask their opinion and see it, observe. He should know recommend based on your face shape, height, and thickness of your body. As for color change should be based on your lifestyle and skin color. Note that a good professional is not released to cut without studying the features, hair texture and personal style of each woman. Distrusts anyone who wants to impose a color or cut with do not feel identified. At the end of the day, you are who you’re going to see every day in the mirror.

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5. Those rooms that look attractive on the outside and have photographs of models with sensational cuts on the walls are not always as good as they seem. In fact, any room has posters or photos flashy but how to know if they are good. Just try to look when you pass by there if people if women entering the place have nice hair and if the workers also have cute haircuts and look good. Also, note that prices are within reach. Not necessarily the most expensive are the best. The real value is in the quality, price, and service.

6. Before deciding on a radical transformation, go to the salon to make only selected service washing and combing. So you can go observing, without further commitment.

7. If you are still not convinced of the place and the barber, it is better to try with something simple like blunting hair because this way the hairdresser will not make an extreme change in your hair and you shall put you as it does and if eventually improve your hair texture, shine and growing faster, thus you may find yourself found the barber who always wanted.

8. You must keep in mind that the stylist who serves you is consistent with your image and what he expresses with his words. If you dress or looks bad, evil can advise you. Look for one that is looking good, have a good look and a cut or hairstyle also display that is clean and your workplace as well. The hygiene of the place is good, the brushes, combs, scissors and beauty tools are clean.

9. Find the place where you go you inspire confidence, security and that you identify within the space. It also seeks the barber is aware of the latest trends in cuts and styles as it would be very ugly that you would ask a specific cut and not know what is.

10. Find a hairdresser who stays up to date with fashion, trends, techniques and new products that are coming to market. Choose one that attends seminars and continually educate. Contrary to what many think, a stylist is not just a person who cuts or dyes. It also requires training and talent to create quality styles and designs.


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